Tri-tailed Miniature Dragon

This small dragon lives it´s short life in the air above the Luminous Lands, illuminating the sky with it’s erratic displays of light. It begins life as a small, brown egg at the bottom of the swamp. When the moon is new it hatches, floating to the surface and beginning a flight that will not end until it´s death.

The dragon will never grow taller than 13 inches from head to tail, and it only hunts small prey such as insects or the occasional young frog. It has none of the intelligence of the larger dragons. When fully grown it finds another dragon from it´s species to mate with. The mating dance is the only time these dragons displays their fire breathing skill. They mate in the air and both partners bear eggs afterwards.

Green Swamp Dragon EggAfter a while the belly of the now gravid dragon starts to glow around the egg. At first it is a faint light that can only be seen at night, but it grows stronger and stronger as the end of dragon´s life draws near.

Right before the dragon dies it flies high up into the air, where it self combusts and plunges back down into the swamp. This always happens in the middle of the moon phase, making the night sky above the Luminous Lands looks like a galaxy of falling stars.

The only part of the body that remains intact is the skeleton of the tripartite tail. It remains around the egg, protecting it against predators. The morning before the egg hatches the ends of the tailtips breaks of and at night the dragon crawls out.

The indigenous aquatic swamp people use the razor sharp tailtips as spearheads on their fishing tools.



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