The Luminous Lands

Very few humans travel into the vast swamps of the Luminous Lands, since the inhabitants don´t take to them kindly. It´s a hostile but beatiful place, where the sun never gets brighter than nightfall. Instead the flora and fauna have found their own ways to light up the night with dancing color. Shining globes waver over a sea of stems, and below the surface neon fins traces patterns in the murky water. Flying creatures flap, flutter or glide solemnly.

But one might ask – where do these swamps lie?

Frankly, I don´t yet know.

I imagine a world beneath a sky where two small red planets circles a moon. Right now I can´t see the whole of it, but every monster and creature shows me it´s surroundings. Each drawing takes me one step closer to having that world laid out before me like a yigsaw-puzzle.


Monsters and creatures that live in the Luminous Lands:

Tri-tailed Miniature Dragon

Mist Dancer

Swamp People

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