Patterned Moth

This insect uses it´s hard shell to camouflage as a pot. It mostly eats flowers but prefers paintings and carpets. Their pictures and color becomes part of the insect´s camouflage, which is why historians love to find old, dead patterned moths and study their shells.

Nowadays it lives mostly in the civilised cities of the winged elves and sometimes in human cities as well. It is rarely found in other places since its camouflage doesn´t work as great there.

The patterned moth had it´s hayday when the winged elves civilisation stood at it´s peak. Although it was considered a parasite for sneaking through cracks into the elves buildings and eating their belongings, they still respected it for being a parasite with a good taste in art. In some parts it was even seen as an embarrasment if other´s saw a patterned moth leave a building with the same pattern that it entered with. Paper with brightly colored patterns were therefore fed to it before it was evicted.

But later, when the race of the winged elves started to decline, they got obsessed with preservation. Little patience was left for a creature that loved to eat their best artwork and they started to hunt it.

Nowadays most of the patterned moths have migrated to the lands underneath the flying islands where they have taken up a new diet of flowers. It´s camouflage does not work as well in meadows and forests and it´s taste is still rather discriminating. Sometimes one is found dead in a meadow full of flowers, since none of them where beatiful enough. This makes them a very rare species.



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