Nightmare Snatchers

The Nightmare Snatcher are tiny creatures that hunt the demon horses known as Nightmares. They travel around in groups of six, with three of them carrying a special net made for the purpose of the hunt and three of them tending to it.

The creatures and their net are two-dimensional and as such display many odd qualities to our three-dimensional senses. They slide the net over the ground, sometimes cutting through vegetation or rocks as if they weren’t there at all. The net appears to have a watery quality to it. While studied from above it looks as if there are small waves on the surface of the net. Scholar’s attempts at studying the structure of it have yielded precious few results though. It seems that only the Snatchers and their prey can interact with it.

Nightmare Snatchers hunt by catching the hoof of a Nightmare within their net. This is the only time the net appears to take on three dimensional properties, as the horses hoof and soon it’s entire body disappears into it. Somehow this leaves the Snatchers well fed.

The Nightmare Snatchers have no naturally occurring predators. The only threat towards them are their own nature. They are quarrelsome and tend to get into arguments over taste in music. Sometimes, these last for such an extended period of time that the creatures starve and simply fade away.

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