Mist Dancer

Fog is a common occurence in the Luminous Lands. It is always drifting over the surface of the water, flowing through the gigantic mazes of the swamp tree roots. Stretching it´s tendrils upwards, reaching for the shining globes of the swamp flowers. The fog covers the water lillies, obscuring the small frogs that seek refuge there from predators. 

Whenever the fog becomes thick enough to paint the swamps in shades of white, the Mist Dancers appear. Little is known of these creatures. Some believe that they feed of the mist, absorbing moisture and cold. Others believe that they are part of the fog.

Half spirit, half animal, they are not entirely corporeal. Clouds of ice trail over their wings as they fly and they increase the temperature around them. Their flight is slow and graceful. Humans who have met them report that the Mist Dancer can pass right through them, although they seem to avoid doing so. The contact leaves the skin feeling dry and slightly warmer.

None of the attempts to capture it for further research have been succesfull. The Mist Dancers can be trapped by magic but they vaporize as soon as they are forced to leave the fog. Not even the most powerful sorcerers can keep them alive outside of it.


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