Four Eyed Stripetail

This large forest bird has four eyes. Two of these see the present, one the future and the last one the past. Being able to glance into the future makes them incredibly fast predators, as they can react to each move the prey makes before it even happens.

The eye focused on the past serves no obvious purpose for survival, but is the one most used. Especially older specimen are usually found with all other eyes closed, perching on a treebranch somewhere, reminiscing.

The Four Eyed Stripetail is aggressive and has been known to maim or even kill humans. According to legend, the victims of such an attack usually had it coming, be it in the present or the future, for their wicked deeds or evil plots. As such, intervening is taboo in the regions where these birds exist.

The main cause of death for the Four Eyed Stripetail is bad eyesight, causing them to focuse only on the past or future, completely failing to acknowledge the present. Like that incoming tree.

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2 Responses

  • Cecilia Jackson // // Reply

    Hej Julia! Fina bilder och intressanta monster. Kul att du gör den här sajten. ser fram emot att se mer!

    /Cecilia J

    PS. Jag tror du missat att översätta “gravid” till engelska i texten till den tresvansade draken. DS.

    • Julia Elfvenmyr // // Reply

      Tack så mycket! Jag tänker hålla igång den här bloggen i minst ett år, och typ för alltid om jag får tillräckligt med läsare. Jag slog som bara den i ordböcker online och tydligen heter det gravid på engelska vad det gäller reptiler, så det kändes logiskt att använda det på drakar.

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