Dragons, dragons everywhere!

Photo Pär Söderlund

I’ve discovered a theme in my home. There seems to be at least one dragon in every room.

I got the chinese dragon statue at a time when I didn´t have much money. The shop keeper claimed that it would bring more money to whoever that bought it. Also, it was pretty. Rational thinking was pretty much bound to lose the battle that day.

Here are two of my other dragons:

Photo Pär Söderlund

This is 3 inches filled with cunning and evil plans. Just look at it´s scheming little eyes. It had to be locked up in a jar for everyone´s safety.








Photo Pär Söderlund

The paper dragons are from Design by Djeco and made by Arthur Leboeuf.

All pictures taken by my husband, who lovingly helped out when my camera decided to go for a snooze.



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