• Breeknixs

    These horned little pixies live in packs on small, floating islands in the realm of the winged elves. They are only interested in eating, sleeping and playing. (more…)

  • Forest monsters

    This is a drawing of monsters hiding in a tree and amongst red autumn leaves. I´ve been working on it for my dream project – a picture book. (more…)

  • Patterned Moth

    This insect uses it´s hard shell to camouflage as a pot. It mostly eats flowers but prefers paintings and carpets. Their pictures and color becomes part of the insect´s camouflage, which is why historians love to find old, dead patterned moths and study their shells. (more…)

  • Mermaid Companion

    The Mermaid Companion is a sea monster. It hatches in shallow waters from eggs that cling to seaweed. Sometimes mermaids guard the eggs, but they are absentminded and tend to forget their protégés in favour of more exciting missions. (more…)

  • Monster in progress

    This is a work in progress. I have made the drawing and cut it carefully, using a repurposed pair of nail scissor. Now it lies there, wings slightly above the rest of the body, forming shadows against the paper. Perhaps it yearns to take flight. (more…)

  • Four Eyed Stripetail

    This large forest bird has four eyes. Two of these see the present, one the future and the last one the past. Being able to glance into the future makes them incredibly fast predators, as they can react to each move the prey makes before it even happens. (more…)

  • Tri-tailed Miniature Dragon

    This small dragon lives it´s short life in the air above the Luminous Lands, illuminating the sky with it’s erratic displays of light. It begins life as a small, brown egg at the bottom of the swamp. When the moon is new it hatches, floating to the surface and beginning a flight that will not end until it´s death.


  • An angel and a beginning

    It all began in an old café in Stockholm. I was sitting alone, a way too ordinary occurence during that period of my life. As a way of passing time I decided to draw. It was something that I did occasionally, although it wasn´t much fun. My drawings where grey, graphite copies of real life objects, a useless talent in the age of photography. They only served as an outlet for my perfectionism.