These horned little pixies live in packs on small, floating islands in the realm of the winged elves. They are only interested in eating, sleeping and playing.

Their favourite game is hide and seek, which they are so good at that they are said to be able to hide a hat behind a thimble. Therefore, you should never let the breeknixs borrow anything from you. They might steal it anyways if you refuse, but bribe them with sweets and they are likely to give back your belongings.

The bare prescence of breeknixs tend to destroy all working morale, and engage even the most serious worker in a month long game of hide and seek. Many are the books that were never written and the houses never built, because of these pixies.


Due to pregnancy I will start to update the blog once a month, instead of weekly. The next update will be on August 1.


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