An angel and a beginning

It all began in an old café in Stockholm. I was sitting alone, a way too ordinary occurence during that period of my life. As a way of passing time I decided to draw. It was something that I did occasionally, although it wasn´t much fun. My drawings where grey, graphite copies of real life objects, a useless talent in the age of photography. They only served as an outlet for my perfectionism.

That day I did one thing a little bit differently, though. Instead of the usual graphite pencil, I used an ink pen since it was the only one available. All the other times I had tried ink I had failed miserably. But now the lines drew themselves until an idea from my head found it´s shape on the paper. It was a flying creature, half insect, half angel.

That was the end of copying reality, and the beginning of me giving flight to the world inside of me. I was done erasing and painstakingly correcting lines until they had the exact same angle as some mundane object. Instead of boredom I felt calm and happy.

These creatures have shown up ever since. Sometimes with a hesitant crawl, other times rushing out as if they were hunted and the paper was the only safe place for them to hide.


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