About me

Blogger Julia Söderlund

Photo Pär Söderlund

My name is Julia and I am a fantasy artist from Sweden. I make monsters and creatures come alive with ink and watercolor pens.

When I don´t draw I spend time with the love of my life, Pär. He is my husband and notable for his ability to imitate dinosaurs. We live together in one of the suburbs of Stockholm, near a lake where I still hope to one day encounter a sea monster. Until then we do our best to get stranded on the innumerable islands with our unreliable boat, Discovery. Since we both like to spend time together alone I get plenty of space to read books about witches and unicorns.

Bad habits include:

  • Wasting days pondering how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse
  • Procrastinating things both fun and dull
  • Hoping that fairies exist


If you want to know more about my life as an artist, you can read about it in the Monsters and Creatures Blog or subscribe to my mailing list below:

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