A sketchy reflection

This is one of the drawings I´m working on right now. The tree is a birch tree, one of those gnarly, windswept trees that are common here in Sweden. Underneath it, a dark mire mirror for the creature to watch it´s horned reflection in.

But before I get to meet the little fellow´s final shape I will have to draw it in ink, since I sketched in graphite. And then I need to enlarge the tree, possibly drawing it a few times extra in the process. It´s not the same perfectionist pleasure as drawing the lines for the first time, but more of a tedious copy-paste.

I´m considering going digital, since I´m fed up with giving birth to my creatures for ages. It would be much more fun to have them flow more freely out of my brain. Also, I would have to kill less trees for paper. Drawing a tree on a dead tree feels a bit wrong.

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