• Breeknixs

    These horned little pixies live in packs on small, floating islands in the realm of the winged elves. They are only interested in eating, sleeping and playing. (more…)

  • Forest monsters

    This is a drawing of monsters hiding in a tree and amongst red autumn leaves. I´ve been working on it for my dream project – a picture book. (more…)

  • A sketchy reflection

    This is one of the drawings I´m working on right now. The tree is a birch tree, one of those gnarly, windswept trees that are common here in Sweden. Underneath it, a dark mire mirror for the creature to watch it´s horned reflection in. (more…)

  • Patterned Moth

    This insect uses it´s hard shell to camouflage as a pot. It mostly eats flowers but prefers paintings and carpets. Their pictures and color becomes part of the insect´s camouflage, which is why historians love to find old, dead patterned moths and study their shells. (more…)