• Fairy forest

    Photo Pär Söderlund

    In the middle of the square that our stone mushroom houses form, there is a small, small patch of untouched forest. Trees, rocks and grass. (more…)

  • Mermaid Companion

    The Mermaid Companion is a sea monster. It hatches in shallow waters from eggs that cling to seaweed. Sometimes mermaids guard the eggs, but they are absentminded and tend to forget their protégés in favour of more exciting missions. (more…)

  • It´s all in the lines

    This is a sea monster that I´ve been working on. I like drawing the lines and filling them in, adding a few millimeter here and there. It makes all the change from a rigid, raw ink drawing. (more…)

  • Dragons, dragons everywhere!

    Photo Pär Söderlund

    I’ve discovered a theme in my home. There seems to be at least one dragon in every room. (more…)