• Nightmare Snatchers

    The Nightmare Snatcher are tiny creatures that hunt the demon horses known as Nightmares. They travel around in groups of six, with three of them carrying a special net made for the purpose of the hunt and three of them tending to it. (more…)

  • Pregnancy – the ultimate Alien horror

    So. I am pregnant. According to the ultrasound the baby has a death skull with a strange nose bone. Kind of like the picture above, actually. Aaaw, my own little Giger Monster. (more…)

  • Monster in progress

    This is a work in progress. I have made the drawing and cut it carefully, using a repurposed pair of nail scissor. Now it lies there, wings slightly above the rest of the body, forming shadows against the paper. Perhaps it yearns to take flight. (more…)

  • Four Eyed Stripetail

    This large forest bird has four eyes. Two of these see the present, one the future and the last one the past. Being able to glance into the future makes them incredibly fast predators, as they can react to each move the prey makes before it even happens. (more…)